BalBer Collection

Chronograph Collection

Balber expands its collection with the Balber Chronograph, a sporty and elegant watch, keeping harmony and proportionality even more robust with more features such as chronograph and date. Its size of 38 mm and its leather, fabric and silicone straps make it a very versatile “time machine” for any occasion.

Petit Exeter Collection

Very distinctive because of its size and inspired by antique watches. This model has become one of the most perfect watches for those who love the discretion.

They are based on the Exeter’s characteristics. The Petit Exeter is a modern collection but they keep the antique essence. A perfect choice for anyone.

Exeter Collection

The exeter collection is inspired in the 50’s. It has an octagonal case shape that make it one of the most personal watches.

It is elegant and simple with the main characteristics of Balber that make this watch a versatile and exclusive accessory. This watch is a success for people who want something different and better.

Doncaster Collection

It is one of the most serious model of our catalogue. This piece inspires elegance and functionality, respecting the traditional balance of the Swiss watches.

The Doncasters has a very rounded case and its crown has a medium size of 38mm. It is discreet and its handles are made in a classic style or azure. This watch is a “must” in your jewellery box.

Original Collection

The real Balber’s DNA is on this collection. It has a contemporary design, big case: 40mm and blue handles or classic handless according to the model. This model is atemporal and completely essential, perfect for your outfit, it will be one of the piece you will love because of its versatility and convenience.

This is a wide collection and it has many combinations. Every model offers you a different possibility for every moment.

Titanium Collection

Mark the difference with this model, the unique made of titanium. It offers you more lightness and the mate finish gives it an exclusive design. This Balber model has double watch face and continue with the minimalist tradition. The case has an optimal size, 39MM, and it offers you a careful design.

High quality for the “good pieces” lovers and designed for the day by day.

Luminer Collection

This collection transmits freshness and newness, so it is unique in Balber. It has double watch face and the case is silver steel. The handles are a little bit square. This feature makes the sport character of the watch but refined at the same time.

The handles are luminescents, this feature gives the name to this collection. This piece preserve the Balber’s original inspiration and it is one of our favourite accesory.

Majestic Collection

This collection has a remarkable feature, it has been designed with delicateness and style. The case watch is fine and light.

Its main differentiating feature is the clean style and the way it frame the Balber’s logo on the top of the case, highlighting the serious style of this collection. A great option that will make you do not go unnoticed with your wristwatch.

Middleton Collection

Balber has design this case with this final result: delicateness and style with a thin profile and lightness.

The style is serious, case of 38MM and classic handles that combine perfectly with different strap’s styles for any event. One of our classic watches of our collections.